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What does SAVIOC not do?

SAVIOC has nothing to do with the registration or check-in processes. Voting officials must control who is eligible to vote. (And, in the case of a primary, perhaps the party of the voter.)

SAVIOC does not directly relate to any absentee ballot process. It would be possible to use a printout of the ballot file as an absentee ballot, but that option has not yet been tested in any way.

SAVIOC is not designed to make use of voice, graphics, a mouse, a touch-screen, selectable font size, interconnections to other computers or other such unnecessary elaborations of input or output. To do so would make it more complex, leave less space on the diskette to handle large ballots or effective write-in campaigns, and possibly make it less secure. By keeping the program as simple as possible, it is easier to verify that it operates as claimed and far less likely that there will be undetected bugs.

In spite of the above restrictions, SAVIOC does allow unassisted voting by most people who are physically disabled, are unable to read English, have poor vision, or even are blind!

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