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Published papers, articles and presentations about SAVIOC:

A New Way to Vote: Accessible, Affordable, Available
       ITD Journal, Vol 10, No 2, 2004 December
       Information Technology and Disabilities E-Journal
       Published by EASI -- Equal Access to Software and Information
This emphasizes the accessibility aspects of SAVIOC. It explains how blind people have used SAVIOC, and indicates how SAVIOC could be adapted for such extreme disabilities as total quadriplegia or combined blindness and deafness.

A Better Way to Vote
       Proceedings of the 38th Annual Hawaii International Conference on
       Systems Sciences (HICSS'05) - Track 5, January 03-06, 2005,
       Big Island, Hawaii, p. 117c, Charles A. Gaston
This provides an overview of the SAVIOC voting system, and includes some screen captures. There are sections devoted to accuracy, security, trustworthiness, usability and cost. The conference also may be searched for as "HICSS-38".

       Workshop on Standards for Voting Equipment
       Cambridge, Mass 2005 February
This is a PowerPoint presentation emphasizing how prescriptive standards can block improvements that the standard-makers never imagined. A building code specified 16" joist spacing. This prevented cheap builders from using flimsy 24" spacing, but also nearly prevented my father from using stronger 12" joist spacing in the house he designed. As a more relevant example, a proposed voting system standard specifies proportional fonts, whereas SAVIOC necessarily uses a monospaced font. Does a trivial difference in readability justify discarding an approach to voting that is more secure and trustworthy than any other?

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