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SAVIOC is easier to use:
For voters:
       Only one office or issue presented at a time (No confusing array of choices)
       Can complete voting using as few as 3 keys (Which are clearly labeled)
       Accessible to any voter who can read and press keys (Even with a mouth stick)
       Usable even by blind and non-readers (By referring to a ballot in another format)
       No worry about accidentally overvoting (It is not possible)
       No worry about accidentally undervoting (Deliberate undervoting is allowed)
       Voters can practice using SAVIOC on any computer that will boot from a floppy (Even at home)
For voting officials:
       No difficult arrangement of two-dimensional ballot configurations
       No storage, setup or transport of bulky machines
       No machine maintenance (Discard failed machines; replacements can be free.)
       No manual copying of numbers from dials
              Results are in plain text diskette files
       No manual counting of write-in votes
              No need to interpret handwriting for write-ins
       No need to drive to the county seat late on election night?
              Software, ballot and results are on a single diskette
              Results can be sent in as an e-mail attachment
              Official diskettes can be delivered the next day

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