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Legal stuff:

In keeping with the SAVIOC theme of simplicity, this "legal stuff" is presented in as simple and straightforward a manner as possible. Note that there are many circumstances under which the SAVIOC Voting System may be used without any fee.

The SAVIOC concepts and implementation are covered by Patent # 7,152,792. The software also is copyrighted.

Copyright 2001 - 2007 by Charles A. Gaston

The contents of this web site (home page and all integrally-linked pages) were created by and are the copyright property of Charles A. Gaston. Reproduction in any form is prohibited unless approved in writing by the author, or as allowed by the "fair use" provisions of copyright law.

Limitations on the use of SAVIOC software:

The SAVIOC software may not be used for any election of paid public officials or any binding referendum on public issues without a proper license.

The SAVIOC software may not be modified or translated to another language (computer programming language or spoken/written language) without the written permission of the author, Charles A. Gaston.

Circumstances for free use of SAVIOC software:

The SAVIOC program may be used freely in evaluation processes, mock elections, student elections, surveys, and voting within private organizations. It may be used freely for the election of unpaid public officials, such as the school board members in most localities.

The SAVIOC software (in digital or printed form) may be used without fee in the public interest to verify proper use in licensed public voting. For example:

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