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To get the complete SAVIOC Download Package:
(Software, full documentation and example ballot files)          (Page down for other downloads -- source code and a verification program.)

Click here - SAVIOCdp.EXE (478 kb)

or here - SAVIOCdp.ZIP (438 kb)

==== SAVIOCdp.EXE and SAVIOCdp.ZIP files were last updated 2007 December 2.
Each file is relatively small, so they don't take long to download.

Download either of these files and click on it to cause all of the component files to be expanded into C:\SAVIOC\ or any subdirectory (folder) you choose ....
This always should work (and is more nearly automatic) with the first (.EXE) file; it will work with the second (.ZIP) file only if your computer has an "unzip" utility installed.
[Note: Years ago, one person using Windows XP reported that the .EXE file would not expand on his system; however, no one else has reported any such problem, and it has worked successfully on Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP. Please let us know if you encounter any similar difficulties.]

Once the files are expanded, click on the one named    _READ_ME.TXT    to start.

This package is being improved regularly, but it has been eminently usable since mid-2001. It has undergone extensive public testing -- from 2002 November 10 (when formal recording of tests began) until 2007 November 26 (when this paragraph was written) there have been 6512 ballots cast, on 353 diskettes, in 99 different demonstrations. Test groups have included grade school children, senior citizens and voters who just finished voting in a public election. SAVIOC has been changed many times as a result of such tests or new information, generally to improve usability, flexibility or security. There remain a few possible improvements that have been noted, but not yet incorporated.

It is virtually impossible to test non-trivial software exhaustively, but SAVIOC never has lost or misattributed votes in any of its tests going back to early 2001, and rarely has had an event that required it to be restarted. If you should happen to discover an error in the package, or have any suggestions for improving it, please contact us.

Additional Download Packages:
Five distinct additional download packages are prepared or contemplated. (Not all are available yet.) Package 4 is particularly valuable because SAVerify can be used to verify that a file or entire diskette is what it is supposed to be.

(Click on any of the numbered, indented, blue, underlined links below to download a package of additional files. Approximate sizes are indicated.)

1. The first package contains all the source code for the programs comprising the SAVIOC Voting System. (SAVIOC.EXE, HI-MEM.EXE and KBD-CTRL.COM)

2. The second package includes a program (SAVmerge.exe) that can be used to merge the results from multiple SAVIOC diskettes into a single set of summary files.

3. The third package is the source code for SAVmerge.

4. The fourth package includes a program (SAVerify.exe) that uses "hashing" to generate unique "fingerprints" for any file or an entire diskette. SAVerify can be used by anyone to assure that no one has tampered with SAVIOC programs or diskettes in any way. No program can truly verify itself automatically. Nevertheless, SAVerify provides a way for any individual to run a personalized test just after downloading it, and then confirm later that no subsequent changes have been made to SAVerify itself.

5. The fifth package is the source code for SAVerify.

         1. SAVIOC source code - SAVIOCsc.EXE    (256 kb; updated 2007 Dec 2)
         2. Data-summing program (SAVmerge) - MERGEdp.EXE
         3. SAVmerge source code - MERGEsc.EXE
         4. Verification program (SAVerify) - VERIFYdp.EXE    (63 kb; updated 2007 Dec 8)
         5. SAVerify source code - VERIFYsc.EXE    (59 kb; updated 2007 Dec 8)

Each download package contains a file named    _READ_ME.txt.    This always is a good place to start.

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